Renewable energy, also known as Green Energy, is an energy source that comes from natural resources and does not impact the environment. Sun, Wind, Biomass, Water and Geothermal are widespread and plentiful elements of nature used to produce clean energy with a negative carbon impact on the environment.

We are committed to a sustainable and green economy. An economy that must conserve finite natural resources for future generations. A rebounding economy that provides a good quality of life for everyone.

With a multidisciplinary team, we provide a range of services, assisting our clients to finance and develop their projects as bring transactions to a satisfactory conclusion.

Project value depends on multiple parameters; underlying energy resource, regulatory framework, future Capex and Opex assumptions, corporate and tax constraints, and the financial structure. Leveraging on our experience in structuring those parameters and closing complex transactions as well as using our sector network, we can help you to unlock and optimise the full potential of your project. Our understanding of project’s risks and economics, and our experience in the renewable energy market helps us to identify the best solutions and partners for your project regardless of your development stage.

M&A Advisory:
We assist clients in divesting or acquiring target projects in the renewable energy sector. Through our extensive network of potential buyers and in-depth knowledge of due diligence processes, we perform in a very effective way focusing on your strategic and value-driven objectives. Your business will profit from our structuring and process management skills and our experience in the renewable energy market.

Project Development Advisory:
Our multidisciplinary team can provide technical, legal, and financial expertise for any projects and in any stages of their development.